Developer abandons new housing project in Moss Bluff

Published: Dec. 2, 2021 at 9:06 PM CST
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Earlier this week, we told you about a housing development proposed on highway 378 in Moss Bluff.

It would have targeted families that earn less than about $40,000 a year, but due to opposition to the project, the housing will not go forward, according to the developer who does not want to fight the community.

The housing would have been 72 units off of Sam Houston Parkway. But after seeing what he called the “visceral, overwhelming and shocking responses of the community,” Harold Foley, of Atlanta, said they would abandon efforts to develop here.

Homeless advocate, Wayne Bebee, says the need for affordable housing is huge.

“Look at the numbers of people that are actually leaving Lake Charles right now,” Bebee said. “They’re leaving in droves, because affordable housing just is next to impossible to find. It’s either leave to find affordable housing or find yourself on the streets.”

Bebee says the irony is that the community depends on housing to reclaim its vitality.

“If we don’t have people in stable housing situations, we don’t have enough workers. Look at the shortage of employees right now,” Bebee said. “I went to a gas station the other day on Kirkman Street that was closed in the middle of the day. They would reopen later, because they just don’t have enough employees.”

With the offer of 9% low-income housing tax credits, there are more developments in the works.

· One by Foley to be called Guillory Gardens in Westlake

· LaFleur Industries - 80 units - for Lake Charles Seniors Manor at two locations on Sixth Avenue in Lake Charles.

· Lakeville partners at Lake Street and Worthington - 60 units

· LRC Acquisition in the area of Fifth Avenue to be called Belle Maison - 78 units

· Woodring Apartments phase one - 70 units - on Bilbo Street in Lake Charles

All have advertised their intent in the legal ads of the newspaper.

The various developers are competing for 9% in tax breaks. Applications are due December 6, according to the Louisiana Housing Corporation.

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