Hobo Hotel for Cats reaches full capacity

Shelter has over 100 cats right now, only non-kill shelter in the area
Published: Oct. 11, 2021 at 10:46 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - The Hobo Hotel for Cats has seen a big increase in cats coming into their shelter this past year. They are at full capacity but don’t want to turn down any cats in need.

The shelter is now looking for donations and holding multiple fundraisers to help their furry friends.

The Hobo Hotel is the only no-kill shelter in the area, so they don’t want to turn down any cats that come into the shelter. They also are a non-profit organization that runs solely on volunteers and donations.

Volunteer Janet Smith said they are having cats dropped off at the shelter weekly.

“We have right now over 100 cats in the shelter, and before, years past, it’s been maybe 60 or 70,” Smith said.

This increase is largely due to the pandemic, hurricanes and floods that affected the area.

“People losing their homes, their cats have been out, they had to leave, cats have gotten pregnant, and the cycle continues,” Smith said.

Volunteers said all factors put together are what led to the shelter being at full capacity.

“We hate to say no,” Smith said. “But sometimes we really have to, because we have no place to put them - literally no place to put them.”

Keeping all of those cats in the shelter can get expensive quickly.

“We’re non-profit, and we’re all volunteer,” Smith said. “So, financially, we can’t. We’re doing the best we can.”

When a cat is dropped off, they are taken to the vet to care for any problems they have or receive any shots they need.

The Hobo Hotel is also always looking for people to foster or adopt the cats that they take in. They are currently looking for people to foster the small kittens that are dropped off.

“I’ve done it, I think I’ve had 15 so far, and it’s very, very rewarding,” Smith said.

They are also looking for people to adopt or foster some of the older cats, which can have a harder time at shelters

“They come here for example and it’s like they die of a broken heart. They die of depression. They don’t wanna eat. Their liver shuts down. It’s just the saddest things,” Smith said.

Even at full capacity, they will work to find a place for any cat.

“But no matter what, they’ll have a home with us,” Smith said.

Even with a discounted vet bill from a generous Lake Area vet, those bills are not cheap.

The vet bills combined with utilities to keep the Hobo Hotel running and comfortable for the animals can run a toll without fundraisers and donations.

They were not able to do many fundraisers during the pandemic, so they are trying to make up for that now.

They are holding multiple fundraisers and events this month, which is National Cat Month.

You can find more information on upcoming fundraising events on their Facebook page.

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