FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Record breaking cold temperatures expected Tuesday

Updated: Feb. 15, 2021 at 9:56 PM CST
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - 2021 continues to produce wonders! Portions of SWLA are now seeing lake-effect snow moving across the area. This snow forms as wind blows across relatively warmer bodies of water, this causes moisture to rise with the warmer air. As the air rises it cools and the moisture condenses and precipitation forms. Because the air is so cold it falls as snow. These bands can be relatively snow, but can sometimes produce bursts of heavier snow. The clouds produced by this MAY help to prevent temperatures from getting as cold, but either way it will be the coldest night we have seen in years. And overall I expect the bulk of the snow to be light.

Lake-effect snow
Lake-effect snow(KPLC)

Temperatures will fall quickly this evening and that will lead to a freeze on all surfaces into Tuesday morning so once again it will be best to stay indoors until late Tuesday afternoon, and even then we may not get above freezing. Lows tonight fall into the lower and middle teens and could cause water pipes to bust, so make sure they are wrapped up. I am forecasting a low of 14º for Lake Charles; the last time the temperature was that cold was back on December 24, 1989 when the temperature fell to 12º!!! And 14º would shatter the record low temperature for the day which is 21º set back in 1909. We may also break the record low high temperature which is 43º set in 2007, I am forecasting a high of only 32º!

First Alert Forecast
First Alert Forecast(KPLC)

In addition the wind will make it feel more like the single digits into Tuesday morning and a Wind Chill Advisory is in place as it may feel like it’s between 0 and 5 at times. Make sure to take care of your pets as well, because just like us they can feel the cold too so make sure to bring them inside or provide adequate heating to help them stay warm.

First Alert Forecast
First Alert Forecast(KPLC)

Into Tuesday we do see some sunshine returning, but temperatures remain cold as we will struggle to reach 32. So not much thawing will occur because even if we get near freezing or just above it will be for a short period of time. Then we head into another freeze by Wednesday morning with lows in the lower and middle 20′s. Wednesday we do look to thaw out and that comes at the cost of middle 40′s and rain as our next system moves through. We will have to watch for some sleet or freezing rain to mix in into Thursday morning, but at this time impacts look to be much lower.

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